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Terms and Conditions


I understand that instructions given throughout the class are intended as guidance only. I understand that while all due care will be given by the teacher; they cannot be responsible for my improper practice at any time. To ensure that no injury occurs, I agree to adjust the practice according to my limitations and the decision to perform any exercises remains mine. I agree to listen to my body and my breath, and if something doesn't feel right, I will either modify the position or rest. I agree to honour myself and to take rest whenever I need to.


I understand that whilst the classes are tailored for pregnant and post-natal women and we don't perform any contraindicated positions, there may be instances during pregnancy where exercise may not be advisable (ie. high blood pressure, multiple births, placenta previa, pelvic instability etc) and post-natally in the case of there being medical interventions during birth (ie. caesarean section, instrumental delivery, stitches etc). In such cases I agree to gain my Doctor's approval before commencing classes. I agree to gain my Doctor's approval whenever I have any doubt about my ability to safely attend classes. For prenatal classes I agree to commence classes after my 12 week scan and upon seeking the approval of my healthcare providers or Doctor. For postnatal yoga, and after a natural vaginal delivery, I agree to commence classes after my 6 week check up and upon seeking the advice and approval of my healthcare givers or Doctor. Post-caesarean and instrumental delivery, I agree to commence classes after seeking the advice and consent of my healthcare providers or Doctor.

I agree to arrive early and with enough time before each class inform the teacher, in advance of commencing the class, of any changes to my health or circumstances that may affect my yoga practice.